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Wound Care

Value Proposition

Daily burn wound dressing changes are excruciatingly painful and, despite the use of opioids, cause significant psychological trauma to patients and caregivers alike. Our wound dressing can be sprayed-on and sprayed (dissolved)-off of wounds thereby reducing or eliminating the pain associated with wound dressing changes. This technology accesses a $250M+ (USA) addressable market.

$250M+ (USA) addressable market

Technology Overview

A burn wound dressing must address multiple challenges simultaneously, including: providing protection from infection and maintaining a moist environment to facilitate healing while simultaneously absorbing or removing exudate to prevent maceration of adjacent healthy tissue. While some dressings are successful in meeting these design requirements, none is able to provide a fast, pain-free method of dressing removal 

Our solution to this problem is a novel, patented, hydrogel-based wound dressing that can be quickly and easily sprayed onto wounds on sensitive or complex surfaces (e.g., hands) and removed on-demand via a painless dissolution process. 

Novel, patented wound dressing with pain-free removal

Innovative Solution

Patented Wound Care

Pain-Free Dressing Removal




​​In situ gelling and dissolvable hydrogels for use an on-demand wound dressings for burns (2021)

This paper details the synthesis and preliminary evaluation of the safety and efficacy of a dissolvable burn wound dressing in a porcine model of second degree burns.



On-Demand Dissolution of a Dendritic Hydrogel-based Dressing for Second-Degree Burn Wounds through Thiol–Thioester Exchange Reaction (2016)

This publication describes the proof-of-concept implementation of a hydrogel-based wound dressing that can be applied as a liquid, gel in situ, protect the wound from bacterial infection while providing a moist environment suitable for healing, and be removed painlessly through dissolution.

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