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Our Team


Aaron Colby, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Director of Research

Dr. Colby is co-inventor and a co-founder of Ionic Pharmaceuticals. He is an expert in local drug delivery, biomaterials and wound care and has secured $5M in NIH funding for this work.

Mark Grinstaff.jpg

Mark Grinstaff, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Co-Inventor, CSO

Dr.  Grinstaff is a co-inventor of the $1B anti-cancer drug Abraxane (Abraxis BioScience acquired for $2.9B in 2010 by Celgene), and a scientific founder of Hyperbranch Medical Technology.

IMG_0802 - benjy good one.JPG

Benjy Cooper, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Dr. Cooper is an expert in biomaterials, polymer chemistry, engineering design and quality systems as well as medical devices and injectable products.


Shruti Aryal, M.S.
Lead Medical Device Scientist Engineer

Ms. Aryal has fifteen years of experience in the biomedical field. She is an expert in wound care and regenerative medicine products as well as device development and quality systems.

Our Advisors

Beth Hollister RN.jpg

Beth Hollister, RN,

Commercialization & Clinical Advisor

Former Founder, President/CEO Piedmont Research Center, former Vice President of Global Discovery and Research Services at Charles River Labs. Ms. Hollister is an expert in pre-clinical and clinical development.

Bill McCulloch.png

Bill McCulloch, M.B., F.R.C.P. (M.D.),

Clinical Advisor

Former Chief Medical Officer, Gloucester Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Founder and President Alba BioPharmAdvisors, Inc. Dr. McCulloch is an expert in clinical trial design and management.

Cedric Pearce.png

Cedric Pearce, Ph.D.,

Scientific Advisor

Founder and CEO Mycosynthetix, Inc. Dr. Pearce is an expert in natural products discovery and production.

Nick Oberlies.png

Nicholas Oberlies, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

Patricia A. Sullivan Distinguished Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Oberlies is an expert in natural products-based drug discovery and development.

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